Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Since I met you,

3 months ago,

You just staring at me, with the feeling that I can’t understand,

You never realize what this world looking for,

You couldn’t understand why this country going down,

You can’t seek a fighter of the people,

Like a candle bright for a moment, I can see your smile,

Still hear the voice of the people, in the middle of the street,

Before they are beaten, and few was shot by the cops,

Someone shouted; little chick, why win by violence?

Yet, he was buried by laws and judges,

Which only Malaysia practice it!

Minister keep laughing counting their USD,

And working class shoot to death through their policies,

Ahh, people just trash, dirty, stupid!

Until election day come, ohh..People are my priority, please vote me; I’ll surely fight for your right!

You see, I will construct road within 2 days here, etc.

But we still on the bed, expecting angel wake we up maybe?

Don’t wait until there is no more food to serve your family,

Don’t just sit and see Minister point their gun to you,

But you just smile, my word very difficult to you,

I hope one day, you are the huge tree which protect people,

Give them shelter, holding the flag of democracy, and always be on their side,

One day, you will smile with meaning and satisfaction,

Because today,

You are only green little tree.

With the pride of an Author, who saw Malaysia from another angle; the corner of democracy!

this poem dedicated to Putri Qaseh Nurzuhrah.


fye said...

every words there mean a lot.


Dakwat Basah! said...

if we understand and make a move, its means a lot. if not, its worthless.

Anonymous said...


Dakwat Basah! said...

speechless,and move in silence.

Anonymous said...

sgt comel :D